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SwirlX3D VRML and X3D Viewer


Current Version 3.6.1

The SwirlX3D Viewer is available as a standalone application for viewing VRML and X3D files. It also displays sw3d archives created by either the SwTranslator or SwEditor programs. It can also be used for importing and viewing files from other formats such as Collada, 3DS, OBJ, PLY, STL and IGES scenes.

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Convert 3D Between Formats


Current Version 3.6.1

The SwTranslator converts files from a variety of 3D formats and saves these files in sx3d native format, which is an extension of X3D and VRML. It can also export files to VRML, X3D or Collada.

SwTranslator provides the ability to save 3D content in an sw3d archive. This format is based on VRML and X3D but is a binary format that cannot be edited. Thus the contents cannot be copied. The files can be displayed either with the SwirlX3D viewers or with the SwirlX3D plug-ins for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

All programs have multilingual text suppport using X3D. The text is encoded in utf8 Unicode format and any present font can be used to display in 3D.

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Additional capabilities


Bump Mappings

The illustration shows the difference between a textured surface on the left, and a surface textured with a bump mapping. Other features added to the SwirlX3D viewers include reflections and shadows. In version 3, all rendering is hardware accelerated using programs running on the graphics card.

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SwirlX3D Viewer
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Learning X3D

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X3D and VRML

Continual Evolution of this Most Popular 3D Format


X3D, the successor to VRML, is the open ISO standard for 3D that is supported by many vendors. It is a very powerful standard with a very intuitive data structure. It continues to evolve into new areas under the guidance of the Web3D Consortium ( It provides a flexible run-time environment for any 3D application. Particularly active areas of current interest include CAD, medicine and geographical data.

Using X3D it is possible to build a complete interactive 3D environment. An X3D world is not just a static set of buildings or 3D objects. Animation can be added using time sensors, moving viewpoints, and interpolators. Anchor nodes provide teleportation to other scenes. Touch sensors, visibility sensors and proximity sensors can be used to triggers events such as explosions when an object is touched or approached.

SwirlX3D Website

Learning VRML and X3D


For those interested in learning to program in VRML or X3D, the SwirlX3D website is a good place to start. It contains examples and tutorials to help you get started quickly.

X3D files can be saved in a variety of formats. The x3dv format is a text file that is in the same style as a VRML file. This is referred to as the classical encoding. The x3d format is an XML based format that contains the same information. The sx3d format is an X3D file that contains SwirlX3D extensions. SwirlX3D also provides an sw3d archive format that contains all files associated with a scene and is binary encoded to protect the content of the scene.

3D Consulting

Software for Increased Productivity


Pinecoast Software is a leading developer of software tools for interactive 3D. The company produces a variety of products based on the VRML, X3D and Collada formats, and is experienced in the conversion of data from other formats. The popular SwirlX3D Viewer is a free program that can display 3D using a variety of formats. For web-based usage, there are plug-ins for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Do you want to create 3D content for a website? ... create 3D animations for presentations? ... build a 3D scene for design verification? ... create an interactive 3D environment for educational purposes? Pinecoast can create an X3D environment to your specifications. We can also create specialized 3D viewers adapted to your company's needs. Contact us for a detailed assessment.

With a long and varied history of technical software development, the company is fully qualified to provide a very high level of skills to its clients. The wide variety of projects and the ability to deliver on time are indications of the experience and technical ability that the company possesses.